Collaboration = in team a see

Not as a goal or mission, but as a playful experiment, a labor of love: to see if we can leave the place a little nicer than we found it:

In order to save the world from confused humans we need lots of humor, wisdom and in-team-a-see.

If we don't feel comfortable in our own skin nothing significant can be seen. *)

The core of our own being is clarity beyond words; being aware of this source is itself comfort, nurture and synchronicity.

Belief, hope and faith might be part of showing up, but then it is direct experience and higher reasoning that opens our eyes, warms our heart, directs our steps.

Being on this planet is a collaborative unfoldment; a mystery, a precious gift, beyond doubt.

The greatest challenge is to discover the presence/reality of our true peace, the rest are details that automagically align.

Thank you for your openness, your love for life,
your bravery to be the one aware, in all this seeming mess.


*) "Feeling comfortable in my own skin" = understanding the me-chanism of identity, unhappiness and lack = peace.