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It can be quite a challenge to be in "this world" but not of it.

To navigate through our inner jungle  of misguided thinking and muscle-memory, without being intimidated.

With in-team-a-see.com I simply want to playfully remind myself about the power and wisdom of being connected with other human beings in an atmosphere of trust, love, bravery... whatever the 'right' word may be.

To allow love most intimately, impersonally, without the need to create suffering; a gift freely given and received, without neediness or eagerness. 

Nothing we can do or strive for, rather to allow to feel and investigate who is invested in our old ways; and be surprised and amazed to experience that life is a gift in each little detail.

Thank you,
Holger Hub-bs.com

"To love is to recognize yourself in another"

Thank you Priyam for your friendship and uplifting Art!

Priyam's Sacred Fig Arts on Etsy.

"Cézanne said, ‘A time is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will trigger a revolution’. The purpose of his art was to trigger this revolution, this complete ‘about turn’ in the way we see ourselves and the world."

Rupert Spira: